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Featured personal UX design case studies,
including my originally designed app and redesign existing website redesign.

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A third-party LEGO app that provides all players with more freedom of playing LEGO.


BigArm is a curbside pickup app that I developed pre-COVID. To avoid not being able to pickup an order immediately from the store because of limited parking space inspired me to create a service that brings customers convenience. Different from other curbside pickup apps, BigArm doesn't limit customers in a particular type of product and stores they are coming from. BigArm strives to deliver a safe, friendly, and convenient experience to customers by delivering orders to their car doors.

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Redesign SomeCrust Bakery

A website redesign case study for a local business called the SomeCrust Bakery at Claremont, CA. The SomeCrust bakery was founded in 1916 and has become almost a landmark shop at Claremont. However, its website doesn’t serve the purpose of a friendly online ordering platform for the customers. My redesign project aims to bring a younger, fresher, and more user-friendly platform for the users to help them order online and skip waiting in line to get their bakeries.

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A website redesign for an online platform that allows students to evaluate their classmates or project teams.

The old website UI was a little redundant and packed with minimal graphical design and overwhelming instructions and texts. Me and my partner Lynn strive to deliver a simpler, more user-friendly platform to the users to help them manage the system more easily and smoothly. 

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Redesign MyCGU

A mobile app redesign for Claremont Graduate University campus app MyCGU. As two UX students, me and my partner Lynn are unsatisfied with the plain UI design and limited service MyCGU provides to students and faculties. We completely redesigned all UI screens of our campus app with more useful features added to encourage CGU fellows to attend school events, social with their peers, check out faculty information, and more.

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