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Website redesign of an online platform for peer assessment and team evaluation.

A website redesign for an online evaluation platform that allows students to evaluate their classmates or project teams in a particular class.

The old website UI was a little redundant and packed with minimal graphics and overwhelming written texts. On Jan 2021, me and my partner Lynn started working on redesigning the website UI with conducting user researches and usability testings to understand current users' behaviors, difficulties, and expectations. Then we sorted out the important features that need to be kept in the system and tried to simplify them by replacing long instructions with short bullet points, annotations with icons, words with visuals.

Next, we built multiple versions of wireframes to settle down the content of At the end, we added a color palette to the wireframe and refined the final design.

We strive to deliver a simpler, more user-friendly platform to the users to help them manage the system more easily, smoothly, and efficiently.

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