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About Me

Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring UX and psychology projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way.

I've had the chance to learn from psychologists and how they conduct research, as well as how UXers develop mobile and desktop websites to meet users' needs.

From these experiences, I've learned a lot of soft skills such as collaboration, communication, and so on.

I believe in working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For more information about my experience or how we can collaborate on a project, please get in touch!



Projects and Experiences


UX Designer

Sound United

Jan 22 - present

Updated features and reskinned UI for the sound bar and speakers' companion mobile app - HEOS.

Conducted usability testings on HEOS app features.

Tested and boosted the overall user experience for hardwares such as Hi-Fi system, sound bars, speakers, etc.

UX Designer & UX Researcher - internship

Jan 21 - Sep 21

Conducted five usability testings including one-to-one interviews with current users to understand their behaviors, needs and goals.

Redesigned the overall UI to boost the simplicity and smoothness of the website.

Built new wireframes and an interactive high-fidelity prototype.

Cognitive Psychology Lab Research Assistant

UC Los Angeles, Psychology

Sep 18 - June 19

Analyzed 300+ participants’ qualitative data.

Coded statistical data derived from questionnaire answers.

Psycholinguistic Lab
Research Assistant

UC Santa Cruz, Psychology

Apr 17 - June 18

Conducted 50+ psycholinguistic experiments quarterly.

Analyzed motion graphics and speech in phonetics using Adobe After-Effect and Pratt.

Instructional Assistant

UC Santa Cruz, Psychology

Jan 17 - Mar 17

Supervised a weekly lab section that supported lectures to ensure students understanding of class materials and preparation for exams and essays.

Edited and graded one academic essay for over 30 students.

Developed materials for a college-level psychology class, including cognitive, developmental, social, clinical psychology, and APA formatting).


Redesign SomeCrust Bakery

Jan 21 - May 21

Redesigned website of a local bakery shop at Claremont, CA. 

Developed a mobile app that allows users to place orders online, browse all products, register as members, and gain rewards.

Conducted five usability testings after the first version prototype.


Jan 21 - Sep 21

Redesigned the overall website UI for an online platform that allows students to evaluate their classmates or project teams. 

Conducted five usability testings including one-to-one interviews to understand users’ behaviors, needs and goals.

Developed wireframes and an interactive high-fidelity mockup.

BigArm - a curbside pickup app

Jan 20 - May 20

Designed a curbside pickup app that allows users to get a quick pickup from the stores.

Developed wireframes and an interactive high-fidelity mockup.

Built a landing page and ran a Facebook Ad Campaign to discover the demographics of potential users.

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