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Featured projects in the psychology field, including tackling usability problems,

designing experiments, conducting literature reviews, proposing solutions, etc.


Choice Overload on Webpages

Choice overload refers to the situation in which the decision-maker faces an overwhelming decision problem result from an excessive number of choices available. Designers can easily overfill a website unconsciously due to the large amount of content they want to display in a scrollable window. My study tackles this problem from two aspects - assortment and categorization. Concluding with a practical solution, this essay thrives to provide a more reasonable way of display for all designers.

Camera Usage in Online Classes

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has started, most of the schools and institutions have switched from face-to-face education to online platforms. The sudden shift forced students to become online learners that many of them might not be fully prepared. This study takes this unique chance to investigate the essence of students’ online learning experience and provide insights for future courses.

A qualitative research study that includes interviews with students was designed and conducted to understand students' behaviors and thoughts on camera usage in online classes.

Image by Gabriel Benois
Image by Austin Distel

Banner Blindness on Webpages

Banner blindness refers to the problem of users completely ignoring areas on web pages that they think will contain ads. It is an ineffective way of distributing advertisements as 44% of the money spent on ads is wasted by remain un-viewed by the visitors. To boost effectiveness and attract more visitors to the promoting business, this study illustrates how a banner ad can be improved from the aspect of relocation and animation. Studies have shown that adding moderate animation to the ad and placing them in more noticeable areas on a webpage can reach the highest effectiveness of catching attention from website visitors.

Choice Overload - Literature Review

A literature review essay that summarizes and analyzes past journal articles on the topic choice overload. Major findings were mentioned and broke down in this essay to understand the limitation and further application. More specifically, assortment and categorization were emphasized, including their characteristics, factors, and past experiments. This essay helps to analyze the choice overload problem by referring to past studies and findings.

Assortment of Books
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Choice Overload - Research Study Proposal

A hypothetical experiment proposal that tests the optimal format of displaying information on a webpage without causing choice overload for the readers. A detailed method and predicted results were included as a prediction of the impact that assortment and categorization place on the problem. In the end, this essay also discussed the possible limitations of this hypothetical study proposal.

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